Our Solutions

Liberty Telecom Services LLC is a telecom solutions provider managing all aspects of your business telecom services.  At no cost to your business our process will audit your existing services, analyze other vendors for savings opportunities and then manage your telecom services.  This process brings clarity to the services you currently have and that gives us the information needed to compare services to other providers.  Our goal is to add value to your telecom services without adding any costs to you by providing a single point of contact with a familiar person who also has the experience to manage your telecom services.

I.  Audit

We will audit your existing telecom services and put together a report containing the inventory of services from all of your telecom vendors.  We will review those services with you to verify all of those services are actually being used, confirm that the billing is accurate and then work with the vendor to make corrections and issue refunds when possible.  Clarity with your services allows you to fine tune your telecom expenses for the best possible use of company dollars.       

II.  Analyze

We can compare your current services against those of over 40 telecom companies where we can compare pricing, terms and level of service.  This gives you a great deal of freedom to choose the vendor who brings the best value to your company.  We will provide you quotes from competing vendors and assist you understanding the advantages of each then let you decide which service best matches your needs.

III.  Manage

Liberty Telecom Services will manage all of your telecom services.  We will be your single point of contact as part of the overall service provided.  No need to fight the endless phone trees with the phone company to add, make changes or report a problem.  Liberty Telecom does not have a phone tree, when you call us you reach a real person who knows your account and will be able to answer your questions with one phone call.  We speak “telecom” and know how to resolve requests with the providers as quickly as possible, freeing you up to accomplish more important things.

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